Offer Millions of Gift Cards and Rewards Delivered Around the Globe for Your Next Program

Available in multiple languages and currencies. Streamline your global customer loyalty, incentive or rewards program by sourcing from one of the world’s largest providers. Catalog API provides access to over 2 million reward options, combining over 35 suppliers and covering 150 countries with localized fulfillment.

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Johnson & Johnson
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Elevate Your Rewards Program

Think global and act local. Create personalized reward program experiences with a global footprint. CatalogAPI will help you deploy the perfect catalog for your audience. Explore our diverse range of rewards designed to meet the unique needs of customers across different markets.

Think Global, Act Local

Click on a country to see what’s available.

Unmatched Security

We adhere to the highest standards for maintaining and protecting client data. Over 450 global clients rely on our secure services to safely and securely deliver rewards across the world.

SOC 2 Type II Certified, GDPR, Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework, HIPPA, & California Consumer Privacy Act.

Rewards Agnostic​

The Right Rewards

Gift Cards, Prepaid, Digital Wallets, Merchandise, Travel – no limits, no restrictions, no minimum spends.

Customized Admin & U/I

100% Control

You bring the program – we’ll deliver the rewards. Catalog API offers a suite of services to deliver a fully customized reward redemption experience.

Financial Benefits

Bill on redemption pricing. Single source for global services. Single or multi currency billing. Economies of scale at a global level.

API Pricing Model

$ /month
  • No Implementation Fees*
  • No Monthly Fees*
  • Redemption Service Fees Based on Volume
  •  *Requires minimum initial funding of $10,000 / standard US-only catalog.

Limitless Global Reward Options

Explore our extensive coverage of rewards and leverage our patented API services

Company Supplied

  •    Payroll
  •    Paid Time Off
  •    Continuing Education

Retail Gift Cards

  •    Virtual
  •    Phsyical
  •    Multiple Currencies

Health & Well-Being

  •    Trackers
  •    Monitors
  •    Fitness & Sporting Goods
  •    Wellness Programs

Travel & Experiences

  •    Airlines
  •    Hotels
  •    Cruises
  •    Rental Cars
  •    Excursions

Prepaid Gift Cards

  •    Virtual
  •    Physical
  •    Multiple Currencies


  •    Curated Charities
  •    Company Donor Programs
  •    Gifting

Branded Gear

  •    Branded Apparel
  •    Branded Accessories
  •    Branded Tech

Catalog API Started with an "Aha!" Moment

As my dad always said, “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”. In this case – building a world-class rewards program offering required substantial investments and commitments to build and then maintain.
We started Catalog API to answer the need for reward program managers to have access to a service where they could get great reward options at a good price, globally. Catalog API is a service of
Now a Patented Technology (U.S. Patent No. 11,093,987 B2), Catalog API is the industry gold-standard for single-sourcing rewards across the world.
Over 35 suppliers. More than 2 million reward options. And far-flung delivery locations in over 150 countries and territories. “It was a lot of blood, sweat and tears,” says Michael, “but now we have tight relationships with suppliers around the world.” So tight that new reward providers clamor to join Catalog API. Today, there are over 80 connected suppliers, reaching deeply into more countries and regions to deliver a truly global footprint.
With Catalog API you can now source, through a single trusted provider, rewards in multiple countries, languages and currencies with a single billing, order processing and customer service delivery system.
More rewards, more options, better pricing. Easy.
– Michael Levy, CEO of Whapps

20+ Years of Experience You Can Count On

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Customer Testimonials


Global Rewards Fulfillment Services across a portfolio of groups. 40+ countries. 8 languages. 6 currencies.

Lincoln Electric

Trusted partners, delivering digital and physical rewards for Incentives and Rebate programs for over 8 years.


Connecting the perfect gift to drive the right behaviour - considering price, brand and appeal.

One integration, powering many programs. The ability to customize catalogs on a per client basis is a game changer.

Asia Miles

Global fulfillment services, delivering rewards in multiple countries and currencies.


Meeting the needs of diverse and demanding clients - all while complying with the complexity of Government and Agency programs.

FAQ: Rewards Program
API Integration and Supplier Network

Catalog API is a real time service that allows you to integrate global reward catalogs and fulfillment services into your program website or App. You will be able to display catalog item data locally in any way you choose, and place orders for fulfillment. You can query order statuses and update participants.

You can use SOAP, REST/JSON, REST/XML, JSONP, or Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS). You will be provided with technical documentation and sample code in the developer interface and sandbox that is available when you sign up with an account. For technical information, please complete the form below.

An integration can literally be complete in a day. We would recommend a 2-week turn-around from concept to live catalog to allow for design, implementation, and testing.

Catalog API offers a global rewards service with catalog offerings in over 120 countries. Click on each country to see the redemption options available.

You can have as many catalogs as you need. They can be created by demographic, country, type of awards, value of awards, or any way that you can define one. You just provide the business rules, and we implement the catalog to your requirements.

The catalog selection will be refreshed about every 12 hours. Our proprietary system is constantly stocking your catalog with new items based on popularity and availability.

We source from in market suppliers. Over 35 suppliers are already integrated and available with the Catalog API service. Some markets may require regional fulfillment / shipping services. Catalog API handles all fulfillment responsibilities to ensure the reward gets to the recipient efficiently.

Yes. Not only do we provide translation services, but many suppliers also provide localized language product listings that you can use to promote your rewards.

We thought you’d never ask! Call (888) 261-3101 — we’d love to chat about how we can help you optimize your rewards.

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