L1 Model II Single Bass PA Package with B2 Bass Module

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The Bose L1 Model II B2 Bass Module Package delivers the audio fidelity expected from Bose in a sleek, lightweight, and portable unit. The L1 Model II series is Bose's elite system, ideally suited for pro-level sound reinforcement for musicians, DJ rigs, and more. The L1 Model II B2 Package features an integrated audio input / amplifier speaker base. This Power Stand provides clean, precise amplification for L1 Model II system to the speaker array and B2 bass module, which reinforces the low-end frequencies and enhances the sound of bass guitars, DJ rigs, and more.

The speaker array features 24 small drivers, carefully positioned to ensure consistent front-to-back coverage. Setting up the L1 Model II is quick and easy; simply unfold the feet of the Power Stand and place the bottom speaker array into the slot, followed by connecting the top array. The system also includes cables, two carrying bags, and a bass module cover.

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