Hyperlite SumoStance 32ft Type IAA Extension Lader

18,595 Points

  • SumoStance leveling helps to prevent accidents from uneven surfaces
  • Patented SumoStance provides a stable setup for any job on almost any surface
  • Lighter than the lightest and ordinary extension ladders on the market
  • Offers side-to-side bubble level and front-to-back angle indicator
  • Unique side-mounted dual-pulley system reduces lifting effort and potential tripping hazard
  • Wide rungs prevents foot fatigue
  • Patent-pending Sure-Set foot allows feet to be in flat or spike positions
  • Hi-viz green color makes this HyperLite one of the most visible ladders
  • Aluminum and rubber pick feet
  • Type IAA Special duty ANSI rating - up to 375lb capacity
  • Fiberglass rail material
  • Maximum extension reach: 31ft 3in
  • Inner and Outer rung depth: 1.5”
  • Storage dimensions: 16ft 6in x 1ft 10.5in x 6in
  • 1-Year manufacturer warranty

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