70A Rolling Battery Charger w/ 210A Engine Start

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For large trucks and professional vehicles this 70 Amp Rolling Battery Charger with 210 Amp Engine Start can be a real day-saver. It features heavy-duty cables for proper energy delivery under heavy load. Diagnose battery issues with the Alternator Check function. This unit is built to last with metal powder coated clamps a tough metal housing and onboard cable and clamp storage to keep them organized and protected when not in use. Easily transport the whole unit with a retractable handle that retracts for storage.

  • 12V/70A High frequency charge helps maintain battery for longer life
  • Patented 1512W/210A engine start technology is capable of jump starting most vehicles in seconds
  • Patented alternator check tests vehicle to ensure alternator is operating properly
  • Electric pulse technology helps reverse sulfate build-up on battery plates
  • Battery voltage is displayed on meter with the touch of a button
  • Microprocessor provides low voltage temperature compensation and reverse hook up protection
  • Easy-to-read LCD screen
  • 1-Year limited manufacturer warranty
  • One touch functions:
    • Battery charge
    • Battery type selection
    • Engine start
    • Alternator check
    • Battery voltage
    • Battery Recondition
    • USB Power

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