Escort IX Radar Detector

6,698 Points

  • Built-in Bluetooth to access ESCORT Live app for real-time ticket-protection network
  • App gives you access to warn of upcoming alerts received and repots of speed limit alerts
  • Defender database features active red light and speed camera locations
  • Connect your IX detector to a computer via USB and update threat locations
  • Clear voice alerts and menu options
  • AutoLearn Technology to learn and automatically reject fixed position false alarms
  • Multi-color OLED display
  • Long-range protection with multiple high performance laser sensors
  • IVT Filter reduces false alerts
  • Sensitivity control: Highway Auto Auto No X and Auto Lo K
  • Operating bands: X-band K-band Ka-band Laser 904nm
  • Power requirement: 12V DC
  • Compact size: 1.25”H x 2.875”W x 5.125”L
  • Includes:
    • Smartcord USB
    • IX Travel case
    • New EZ Mag mount

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