Assorted Single Serve Blends Kansas City/Bettys/Breakfast/Full Vengeance

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This Roasterie kit features 12 Count single serve cups of each of the following flavors: Kansas City Single Serve Blend Breakfast Single Serve Blend Full Vengeance Single Serve Blend and Bettys Single Serve Blend

Kansas City Single Serve Blend 12 Count
  • #1 Coffee sold by The Roasterie
  • Full and balanced flavor
  • Creates a buttery aroma
  • Named after the city The Roasterie was created in Kansas City
  • Origin: Central America South America Indonesia
  • Roast: Vienna Italian
Breakfast Single Serve Blend 12 Count
  • Light roast so the beans retain higher caffeine to start your day
  • Classic fruity aroma
  • Full of warm citrus and fruit tones
  • Sweet tangy tangerine and bing cherry play off a mild body
  • Crisp clean finish is perfect for whenever you need to go
  • Origin: South America Central America
  • Roast: Vienna
Full Vengeance Single Serve Blend 12 Count
  • Feel the vengeance after being sold dark roasts that taste charred and bitter
  • Dark and bold yet buttery smooth taste
  • Roasted dark to embolden its strong and distinct character
  • Berry-like wine flavor mixed with a fresh earthy flavor
  • Lingering creamy finish will leave you wanting more
  • Origin: Columbia Sumatra Panama
  • Roast: Italian
Bettys Single Serve Blend 12 Count
  • Named by the founder of The Roasterie in honor of his mother who inspired this flavor
  • Known for tasting like snickerdoodle cookies with cinnamon flavoring
  • Offers a perfect balance of cinnamon and hazelnut
  • Features a smooth chocolate after taste
  • Provides a perfect balance between light and dark roasts
  • Roast: French

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